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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Keyakizaka46: "Tokuyama Daigoro wo Dare ga Koroshita ka?" drama episode twelve recap

 Air Dates: July 16 to October 1, 2016 on TV Tokyo, Saturdays at 12:20 am
 Theme song: "Sekai ni wa Ai Shika Nai" by Keyakizaka46


 The Adults....

Kyusaku Shimada as Tokuyama, their dead homeroom teacher
Noriko Eguchi as Kanzaki, asst. homeroom teacher
Ryo Iwamatsu as the Principal
Hiroki Konno as the janitor Hashibe
Kazuyuki Aijima as teacher Takemura

 Up until the sixth recap had listed about ten of the members in the above info but now will list all of the Keya members who are in the drama. These are screenshots from the opening credits and in the order the cast is listed, words at the bottom are the drama's theme song. Title of the song is above, it's from the group's second single and it really is one superb tune.

 Lot to cover here for this last episode, had quite an ending or should I say two or three of them. The small cliffhanger from the previous episode was Yurina finding a picture in the turtle tank of Tokuyama and the teacher Kanzaki together. So many times she didn't have nice things to say about him but it appears he and Kanzaki was having an affair.
 It's now the seventh day of the drama and six days since Tokuyama was stabbed to death in the girls homeroom. It's also the day of the schools Cultural Festival, the girls were going to have a Horror Mansion but put up a sign cancelling it as it's time to finally find the killer. Before Yurina enters the room the janitor Hashibe passes by and says to her "Which?". This leads her and us to thinking could there have been two murderers?

 Kanzaki sees the cancelled sign and enters the classroom to find out what's going on. Though they're not going to participate in the festival the girls have many horror props and use them on Kanzaki when she enters the room to scare her. Also to her amazement in front of her was the dead body of Tokuyama who surprisingly hasn't started to reek so badly others haven't come in to investigate.
 The girls ruthlessly grill her but Kanzaki is quite calm and readily admits to them that she's the killer of Tokuyama. Kanzaki also admitted that the two of them were having an affair and it had lasted for close to three years. However he wouldn't divorce his wife and laughed at her for suggesting it, she said that set her in a rage and she ended up committing the murder.
 Kanzaki's coolness shocked the girls and this got Yurina thinking about Hashibe's comment, were there two killers? Certain things weren't adding up either to the other students such as there was no cut in his lab coat, if her was stabbed why wasn't the coat torn? Plus it was such a quick job it would have been too much for one person so it seems the case hasn't been fully solved.

 This episode was about 24 minutes long, more happened in this show then in most that last fifty or so minutes. What Yurina is referring to in the bottom pic is that she had found a camera in the hallway that was pointed at the classroom's doors. She has the disc set up starting at 7:35 am and we watch what happens in the next half hour.
 First Tokuyama enters the room at 7:36, a little over a minute later Neru walks into the room. She was there for three minutes, during that brief meeting Tokuyama had told her she wouldn't graduate unless she started attending class. Also that was the time where he had given Neru a disc to watch in case anything happened to him. If something did he thought it would be about the school's secret blackmail list which was solved by the eighth episode.

 Two minutes after Neru left the classroom so didn't Tokuyama which now finally puts Neru in the clear. He returns to the empty classroom at 7:52 and is alone in there for a few minutes. In what is the most shocking incident to date is that at 7:58 entering the room is.... Rika?!?!
 Of all people she would be one you would never think of committing a murder as she's a bit quiet and just wants to have fun with everyone. But it's not official yet that she's the killer as at 8:01 Kanzaki enters the room, the rest of the students don't enter until 8:10 so what did the pair do during that stretch of 8-9 minutes?

 As you can see above Rika has confessed to the murder and didn't seem too upset at what she did. Kanzaki had entered the room as Rika was over his dead body holding the knife, no defense for that. But Kanzaki didn't want to see Rika get into any trouble so the pair quickly set up the his body in a chair and immediately left the room. When the rest of the students entered the room a few minutes later the pair were gone but Tokuyama's body was in a chair with the knife in him.
 Rika's confession speech was innocent yet quite disturbing to the other students. She just wanted her classmates to have fun and get to know each other better. As Rika claimed it did work as they had so much fun getting ready for the festival plus as a team they had to work together to keep Tokuyama's body hidden.

 Before her speech Kanzaki was told to leave the room, she had been trying to protect Rika saying she was the real murderer. The reason for her protecting her was that Rika had once entered Kanzaki's classroom as she was holding a knife to her wrist about to use it. Rika talked her out of it and Kanzaki had been so thankful for saving her, at the time Rika had confessed to her she had also thought about doing away with herself as she was so lonely and none of her classmates liked her.
 Least what Rika said in the above screenshots are true, when Tokuyama's dead body was found Neru started to come to school. Plus it helped them discover the meaning of the secret list and that Yuuka hadn't bought her way into the school. There were also a few other incidents along the way that had helped many students out. However it was a creepy way of getting to know each other better and having fun but in a weird way it worked. At this time Rika also admitted about her loneliness and would turn herself into the police.

 That's not the end though, first Kanzaki confessed to killing Tokuyama which wasn't true. But Rika admitted to what she had done and in reality she did stab Tokuyama who was lying on the floor when she entered the classroom. But as the resident detective(!) Yurina says above Rika didn't kill Tokuyama, he was already dead when she came into the room!!!!
 That's the third ending and luckily the last one as what Yurina stated was true. Tokuyama had a heart condition and before Rika had entered the room at 7:58 he had crumbled to the floor. He had reached for his Nitro pills but was unable to get them, his dropped phone had videotaped the event. The mystery of his death is solved though Rika had truly wanted to kill him as she didn't know he was dead.... or did she?

 Most students have listened to Yurina and admit that Rika wasn't the killer though naturally many are quite upset that she did want to kill him. But it looks like it wasn't an actual crime, don't think stabbing a dead body is classified as one. Who knows if things will ever get back to normal but there's one thing left to do and that's with disposing of Tokuyama's body.
 That's Neru asking above what happened to his body, a few seconds after that there was an announcement over the school's speaker that a bonfire on the grounds was about to begin. None of the students admitted it but we have a good idea where Tokuyama's body is, about to be consumed by fire which will leave no evidence against the students.
 That should be the end but not quite as there was another incident in the final seconds, wonder if it was done for a possible second season? It's been close to a year so odds are against it plus the students were all seniors and would have graduated by now. Don't know if it was the following morning but whenever it was the girls had entered their classroom at the usual time. To their shock and dismay there was another dead body slumped in a chair! Who this person was is unknown as they had never seen him before, he could have possibly been Tokuyama's replacement. But to them it appears another nightmare is about to begin which is where this episode ended.

 Thought it was a solid conclusion and one with enough interesting, believable twists to keep you hooked. Was impressed with Rika in this episode, her confession speech went on for a while and it was hard not to feel for her. Will end up giving the whole series a grade of 9/10 which was much higher than I would have expected. These late night shows are so much better than prime time dramas, for 2016 three of my top four series were late night shows with the prime time drama "ON" being my top one for last year.
 Sure most Keya fans have seen this drama and even if you're not a fan this may be a good introduction to the group. You wouldn't think it but most Idol dramas are actually quite good and it seems the majority of them seem to be a bit darker and mysterious. The third season of "Code Blue" starts in July and will definitely be reviewing that series. But first off may be recapping another Keya series which is "Zankoku na Kankyakutachi" which started last month and four episodes have aired. It's being subbed but shows like this or that one seem to be better views when you can watch all of the shows in a row so once it's finished it's run will be recapping that drama.

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