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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Keyakizaka46: 2017 Magazine scans #6 plus more....

 Just started watching the group's current drama "Zankoku na Kankyakutachi" which will air it's seventh episode this week. Viewed the first two shows and they seemed okay though not as compelling as the 'Tokuyama' series but there's still a long way to go so that could change. Will be recapping the drama but not quite sure when I'll start it. Perhaps tomorrow if there's nothing else to post about, the recaps should be much shorter than the 'Tokuyama' series.

 If you haven't heard the news yet which just came out four days ago Keya will be releasing their first album on July 17th. Details of the album are a bit sketchy as there's no title for it yet and the track list is unofficial. Looks like all of the songs from their first four singles will be on the album along with 16 new tunes plus many videos in the deluxe edition.
 The news of the album was just released so will keep you updated when I learn more details. They certainly clobbered Nogi time wise for their first album, Nogi had released ten singles before their first one came out. In case you need a calendar for your desktop here's one for July.

 Yurina has been a 'Girls Locks!' radio show host since April, she does the third week of every month. This Monday's show she had Manaka as a guest as they were celebrating someone's birthday.... that person was the host.

 Yurina is the youngest member of Keya so been avoiding doing solo mag spreads of her because of her age. Then again she is the most popular member so it's hard avoiding posting things about her.

 That will change once Yurina gets a bit older but for now will just have the group spreads she appears in. Since her b-day is less than four days away guess we can make an exception once for her and this set is new from volume 38 of UTB+.

 Group set from the current issue of anan, four members are in the spread who are Yurina, Yuuka, Akane and Neru.

 That's it for new group spreads so have two small solo sets. Usually I have them in solo posts for that member but wasn't planning on having any for these two though that could change. Especially for Miyu who looks quite alluring in issue #29 of Young Magazine and deserved more than four pages.

 Last spread is another four pager and is from Young Magazine #26. It features Nanako and she is someone who I had been thinking of having a solo post or more for which I think will now happen.

Nogizaka46: A little of this and that for 2017 #22....

 Single #17 "Influencer" has finally cracked the million mark in sales. Last week it was in the twelfth position on the Oricon charts selling 3,413 copies to bring the grand total to 1,001,000 sold. It's Nogi's first official million seller and every single for the last few years keeps setting a new group record for sales. Still no news on when the next single will be coming out, the last five years there's been one that's been released in July but doesn't appear as though it'll be six years in a row.

 At the top is a new Mouse CM that came out on Monday, have another one at the bottom of the post. Nogi usually announces in concert when their next single will be coming out, the group's next two shows are at the Meiji Stadium on July 1st and 2nd so odds are good that's when we'll learn about it. Monday's post was for seven members doing a new campaign titled 'Amazing Thailand' and the press conference they attended. There were two videos in that post and here's many more promo pics for the campaign.

 Just had another thought about the new single which is that I hope they don't wait until September to release it. That's the month the group's first film is coming out which is titled "Asahinagu", twelve Nogi members will be in the movie. Was thinking that perhaps there would be some tie-in with the movie and single, still could happen if the next single came out in August though. Nanase has the lead role in the film and also today's only spread which is from volume 011 of Overture.

 Miona has a new interview with the Real Sound site where she talked about the third album and the third generation members. Here's the address for the site: https://realsound.jp/06/post-84071.html

 Maquia Online has a short feature that came out three days ago with Misa where she shared some makeup tips.

 First time the five Nogi members had Mouse CM's there were a total of twenty that were released. So far there's been three new ones but for the next month expect to see a few new ones every week, here's one other one that came out on Monday.