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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Akari Yoshida: Magazine scans #2....

 There's a pair we'll never see together again, what's really a shame is that we've heard so little from Miyuki since her 2016 graduation. Of all the '48' members she'd be in my all time top five and don't know if any member is more alluring than she is. Was reading that when a member leaves before their contract is up they're not allowed to work for a certain amount of time. That's why Miyuki has been so quiet though that period of time is about to end but think it may have been better if she remained with NMB.

 But this post is for Akari and many viewers really enjoyed her first post but think there may be only one more post for her older activities but these days it seems she's appearing in more mags than ever. That video above is a promo one for Ray's March edition as Akari is now an exclusive model for them and think their next issue will be her first appearance for them.
 On December 7th Akari attended the sixth 'Best Beauty Store Word Awards' ceremony. She won the 'Creator Prize' for her beauty book "Idol Make Bible" which came out last year and think has sold an impressive 60,000+ copies. Pics here are from the ceremony and have a video at the bottom of the post which is different than the one in her first post.

 On to the mag spreads and have a brand new set of pics from the February issue of Entame. Sadly Akari only had two pages but it's because it was a special NMB edition and there were about ten members with two pages.

 Akari's first post have been a bit too big, think there were seven spreads for 2017 which just leaves one more for the year which is from the September edition of Bubka.

 Have a pair of sets from 2016, will hold back some of the older ones so we can have another post. Akari appears with Miru in so many spreads and what a dynamic duo they make, think they've been in five together. This superb set is from the May 2016 issue of Entame.

 Last year Akari finally made it as an AKB Senbatsu member as she finished 16th in the June general elections. Quite a jump from the previous year when she only finished 77th and you wonder how could she end up so low? Final spread for today easily deserves a rating of A+ and is from the March issue of EX-Taishu, after the pics is the video from the above awards show.

Kim So-Hyun: Her semi-intro post #1....

 Not So-Hyun's first post here as she's had about five or so for her dramas but her first as far as getting to know her better. So-Hyun will probably be the youngest gal I post about as she doesn't turn nineteen until June 4th. But I think she's got such a promising future as an actress and thought I'd start posting about her before she became mega popular and she's already becoming that way.
 The first posts here for So-Hyun were for her 2016 drama "Bring it on Ghost" which although a bit fluffy was an enjoyable series. She played Hyun-Ji in the show who was a seventeen year old ghost who has returned to Earth though only one person could see her.

 So-Hyun also appeared in seven episodes of the superb "While You Were Sleeping" drama.

 Currently have been viewing the "Girls' Generation 1979" series, four more shows to go. Once that's completed will be viewing So-Hyun's 2016 show "Page Turner" and will be recapping it. It's just a three episode series and wish there more that short but the shows are all over an hour long.

 So-Hyun has the lead role in her next drama which is "Radio Romance", it begins on January 29th. Sure there will be an event for it coming up soon so will have pics from that along with many more details about the show. Though So-Hyun won't be turning nineteen until June she's already a veteran in the entertainment industry.
 To date she's appeared in over twenty dramas and eight films, her list of awards she's won or been nominated for is quite lengthy. Have a little bit of many things for this first intro post and all are recent as I don't want to have things before June of last year. So-Hyun has been an exclusive model for the Soup clothing line for many years now, these pics are from their Autumn collection.

 Have three recent mag spreads, first two here both consist of five pics. Starting off are five from the September issue of Singles while the rest are from the November Ceci.

 Not an actual mag spread but pics from a December interview from the Star 1 site.

 By my count So-Hyun has already win sixteen(!) major awards and has been nominated for four others. Her latest victory was at the '2017 MBC Drama Awards' show where she scooped up the trophy for the 'Popularity Award' for her role in the series "The Emperor: Owner of the Mask". Plenty of really knockout pics of Son-Hyun from the ceremony and she's really looking much more grownup these days, following the pics is a short video of her on the red carpet and being interviewed.